Richard Holliday Stone Sculptor 

Public Art & Private Commissions.

Richard has been working stone by hand since his apprenticeship as a stonemason in 1980. This included study at the Cambridge college of Arts and Technology where he achieved with distinctions his advanced City and Guilds. He was fortunate enough for the opportunity to learn the more sculptural side of this trade within his training which included working with wood.

About Richard Holliday


Richard Holliday has been working stone by hand since his apprenticeship as a stonemason in 1980. No subject matter escapes his interest. Some of his work may be semi autobiographic, reflections on society, of life abstracted, but fine line, form and deliberacy tie together his sculptural forms. The forms remain dynamic and clearly retain the energy from the chisel.



There is much consideration when contemplating a purchase or commision. Style, material, choosing a site for the piece, indoor or outdoors, security, cost, maintenance. all these ‘functional’ aspects can help narrow your choice down remarkably well. I prefer to deliver and install the sculptures myself. It is preferable, not essential, but I do like to witness the resting place of the pieces I make.

Stay at the Gallery

The house is a converted pumping station and I make and sell my work from here as well as a couple of galleries.

If you are seduced by the idea of spending significant time around sculpture for longer than just a quick gallery visit then this might appeal. The setting is very tranquil. It is rural but facilities are not too far away. There are plenty of beautiful walks coves and beaches.