Buying Sculpture for Private Customers

There is much consideration when contemplating a purchase.


Style, material, choosing a site for the piece, indoor or outdoors, security, cost, maintenance. all these ‘functional’ aspects can help narrow your choice down remarkably well.

There is no substitute for instinct. Many individuals walk around the sculpture in the gallery and garden. A regular tale is that they will almost always see something they like very quickly. Then, as they walk around they start comparing eveything else with their initial choice. This can sometimes be painstaking but more often then not the original veiws are adhered to. Obviously there is clarity for an individual but when a couple are choosing a sculpture for their house the dynamic becomes a little more complex.

My advice is to make the process of choice a joy and not a burden. Only the customer knows what they think may appropriate for them with all things considered and for that reason there is no hard sell here at the gallery. Just walk around or sit down with a coffee and take in the fresh air. It is a very traquil place and I doubt you will feel rushed. It is a comitment that has to be carefully considered. You will have many questions, and I can give you advice.

You may want to comission one or more pieces that more reflects your tastes or situation. In such a circumstance you will need to consider a budget as that will set the tone for the material used and the size and detail of the pieces. It tends to be a little more finacially efficient especially when more than one piece is under consideration. However it does start to get a little more expensive when maquetes are requires in order to make certain the designs before embarking upon the manufacture.

I try to display the various sculptures in appropriate locations in the garden, but, a garden is a dynamic beast throughout the the year. Plants grow higher and colours change for example, hence    I do move the pieces around a little. However, it is nice sometimes to have a sculpture return to view in the autumn when its immediate surroundings are retiring for the season.

I prefer to deliver and install the sculptures myself. It is preferable, not essential, but I do like to witness the resting place of the pieces I make. The whole process is relatively easy for me and takes the worrisome burden from the customer.

I would not suggest that the choice of sculpture for internal spaces is any easier but the transportation is. That is something you will likely be able to take home yourself.

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Discuss your project or purchase

Collaborations with Architects, Interior designers, landscape architects and other artists.

There are many facets to the consideration of sculpture within a project. It is common to be called at the very last stages of a project where deadlines loom large. In such cases one of my sculptures made speculatively may be well suited. However in these circumstances, in reciept of short brief, there are possibilities to make something of note. The brief may for example relate to the history of the site, or, possible reflect the projected use and future direction of the site.

There is of course no substitute for early integration of an artist in such developments.

I can work to a budget or work in consultation. I would say most deadlines are tough but I never commit to one that I knowingly cannot keep.

With larger projects I assemble a team of appropriate artisans and craftsmen as in many of the projects seen in the images on this website. If you require an idea of costs for involvement in a project then please send details of your requirements and it will be costed accordingly

I would like to say that selling direct via the website is common. Unfortunately it is not. Cameras do all sorts of things to the proportions, colour and tones of the pieces and virtually all of my sales are from the various galleries or my workshop. It is understandable that one needs to be present when deciding upon a substantial purchase and I will endeavour to accommodate that.