Soapstone for Sale

I have a large quantity of polyphant for sale that has been collected over the years… some of it unused and some salvaged. I occasionally have limestone and marble for sale too.


The salvaged stone has been dressed to remove the dirty and sometimes pitted outer surface to reveal good original solid stone and its colouring is the usual mottled green through to a deep deep green The blocks form random shapes but there are a few rectangles.

The stone is sold by weight and at present is  £2.00 per kilo for orders up to 20 kilo’s then for larger quantities, £1.90 per kilo. The largest piece is well over 200 kilos the smallest… well… hand size.

They are generally random shapes but there are a few rectangles and squarish edges.

I do not make dedicated deliveries but will be happy, after payment, to drop it off if I am passing by, otherwise the stone can be viewed at the old pumping station and picked up upon purchase.

Obviously if you know soapstone you know you have to be prepared for one sculpture to maybe become two, due to the weakness around the veining pattern, particularly in polyphant, hence, why the larger pieces of this particular type are very rare. However the honed surfaces from my processing are there to enable a close inspection of the block.

I have on many occasions been very careful and adapted the design to cope with faults in this material. I would not say it is my favourite media but it is perfect for some of my designs but not hard enough or with the tensile strength for others. I have always envied the media of painting to enable swift changes. This stone is a joy to work in that respect and it is growing on me.

It is a good stone for beginners or those with limited facilities or tools but also for professionals.

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